Bridgeport, Connecticut is a historic seaside town that has an idyllic small-town feel while actually holding the rank of the fifth-largest city in New England. Housing in Bridgeport is highly desirable due to the city’s thriving local businesses, access to beaches, and the town’s natural charming ambiance.

Many people choose to live in Bridgeport due to the city’s close access to the bustling economy of New York City with considerably lower home prices. Below are some tips to help you select the best time of year to sell your Bridgeport home.

Follow to National Trends

Did you know that there's a specific time of year that's considered the best time to sell your home? This period is the first two weeks in May. Homes sold during that time typically spend between 15-20 fewer days on the market and garner offers of about 6% higher than any other time of year.

While you don’t have to revolve your entire sales plan around this fact, listing your home in late spring will generally bring the types of offers you're looking for. Springtime is ideal to sell homes rather quickly with many people having reasons they want to close on a new home before fall and the school year begins.

Get Expert Local Sales Cycle Insight from Your Realtor®

The partnership between you and your real estate agent should begin months before your home officially goes up for sale. When you consult with prospective agents, you should ask them for specific advice about when exactly you should sell your home to garner the maximum price with a low number of days on the market.

The best realtors® in Bridgeport will have the local knowledge to guide your decision of exactly when to sell. To choose a real estate agent that has proven success in the area, you can submit information about your home to Effective Agents’ website. The site will use its proprietary algorithm to curate a list of the top agents in Bridgeport who are most likely to earn you the best offers for your home.

Take Action During Spring, Do Prep-Work During Winter

As mentioned above, spring is generally the best time of year to take action in officially listing your home. This means that winter is the ideal time to do the necessary repairs, upgrades, and décor refreshes that can easily increase your home’s value in the eyes of the buyers and their agents. This is also the best time to consider staging at least some of the more important rooms of your home such as the family room, dining room, and master suite. 

According to Zillow’s home value data, the median home value is on a considerable rise, growing more than 7% in the past year alone,yet still averaging under $200,000. The market temperature of Bridgeport is considered “hot.” If you're considering selling your home in Bridgeport, it's an excellent time to begin taking concrete steps. Many people are unsure of exactly when they should put their home on the market, but keep these things and find a real estate agent in Bridgeport

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